Android Development Training

In today’s business the demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly in everywhere whether it is large scale business or small scale business. Nowadays it became everyone’s need and most of the magnates are demanding of it. Customers and business man are looking for android application developers who possess the required skills and knowledge in developing robust applications for various business needs. Mukshankam offers the best training program of android application development by experienced developers who are highly experienced in high technologies.

Mukshankam offers high quality training session for five months and well structured course modules. It offers dynamic course contents that are continuously changing with time according to the needs of industry and business market. We Android Training In Dehradun with the focus to help the students in understating android and android applications for their career. Students will understand Google android along with android OS and application development completely while their training.

There are so many programs of our training session which are following here:

1. Advanced android development
2. Data storage, retrieval
3. Peer-to-peer communication
4. Accessing android hardware
5. Working in the background
6. Geo coding and location based services
7. Introduction of android
8. Intents, Broadcast receivers, adapters, and the internet
9. Creating user interfaces
10. Getting started
11. Creating applications and activities
12. Core java

The mobile technology and deliver a full suite of mobile applications services to help you envision, plan, design, architect, build, integrate and test Mobile applications. We provide the best android training in Dehradun and in that there so many services related to mobile application like: Android and IOS etc. are available.